Busty mamas of the world, unite and take over

carissa rose shirtAs I recently told a reader who commented on a post about maternity lingerie, we laugh when we receive size 32A nursing bras for review. Um, yeah, I’ll have my four year-old try that on for you, stat.

We busty girls have it harder than you think! And while it’s becoming easier to find clothing for plus-sized women, when you’re average (or small) sized but your chest is of gawking proportions, you need a shop like Carissa Rose. This mom-run boutique is all about clothes for the well-endowed. Not lingerie, but actual clothes that fit as they’re supposed to

The proprietary sizing system considers both your waist size and your bust size, which is so smart. And there are three different fits depending how contoured you like your shirts and dresses.

I gave the stretch cotton Carissa shirt (shown) a whirl which uses a hook-and-eye close up the front as a smart alternative to buttons and those wide gaping holes between buttons that you always seem to notice when you’re in a meeting or in front of 400 people giving

a speech (hello!). It’s got a flattering v-neckline–you girls know to work the v-necks, right?–and a tapered waist and hip. Just make sure yours isn’t too small because the hardware down the front is best covered.

There’s also a lightweight linen blouse at the shop that looks promising, as well as a wide-strapped silk charmeuse camisole that actually allows you to wear a bra underneath. Because trust me: The bra strap hanging out thing doesn’t look good on Brittney and it doesn’t look good on us.

These really are shirts meant to minimize; not to show off the assets, so don’t expect tight fabrics or plunging necklines. But when you don’t feel like wiggling and jiggling all over the playground, or exposing co-workers to the awesomeness that is your cleavage, these are the shirts for you. –Liz

Find shirts for busty women online at Carissa Rose.