Sweet dreams are a good gift for moms, too

cuddle pillows from Angel DearMy parents can’t help it – they see something cute for the kids and they buy it. I suppose that’s The Prerogative Of The Grandparent. My only hope is that their version of cute is my version of cute (and that it doesn’t happen to be loaded up with cadmium).

Well recently my kids’ Grammy scored with a stop at the boutique of fabulous local kids’ playspace Appleseeds, and the procurement of two deliciously soft cuddle pillows from Angel Dear. These half-moon shaped pillows are actually cuddly friends like bunnies and puppies and sleeping elephants, and are apparently stuffed with fiberfill and magic, because my girls haven’t wanted to sleep without one ever since.

The pillow covers remove for washing (hooray!) plus the colors are actually far softer and more subtle than you might think from the photos on site. Just $15, mamas. Sweet dreams. –Liz

Find adorable cuddle pillows and other baby gifts online at Angel Dear, or in NYC at the Appleseeds boutique.