The Incredible, Invisible Bib

I have long come to grips with the necessity of the bib. I have not, however, been swayed by the bib to match the outfit concept. To me, the bib and the outfit are entirely individual entities.

Until now, that is, courtesy of the matching bib sets from Bibs and Match. The idea is pretty simple — the bib attaches right to the onesie with a snap so you don’t have to mess with food residue in velcro. You can even attach the bib before you put the onesie on the kid if you’ve got a squirmy one. Once the bib gets soaked with slobber, take it off for good, or attach another one.

What I really like is how the cute monster graphics line up perfectly, rendering the bib almost invisible. Just how I think bibs should always be. -Kristen

Congratulations to lucky winners Erin H and Rosanne M!