Use Your Head, Save the Earth (Or At Least Your Baby’s Head)

I’m trying to be a more environmentally-friendly mom when I can, and fortunately I’ve found a way to conserve while indulging my shopping habit.

The handmade knot hats at the bluemchen etsy shop are made from colorful pre-loved (or recycled, if you prefer) fabrics each in two contrasting fabrics. Founding mom Ellen Carlson creates these jaunty baby hats – perfect for keeping bald little newborn heads warm and covered. At just $7, find a Springy fabric that works for you. 

I’m still carrying a modicum of guilt for the size of my carbon footprint, but decking my little guy out in a recycled-fabric hat helps ease the guilt a bit. Or maybe I’m just justifying because I really like the hats. –Julie