The Art of Ka-Ching

Back when I was in middle school, I would put scotch tape around my lunch money change and cram it in my front pocket. Today, pre-teens, tweens and teens sport more cash than some island nations do. I say that kind of cold hard cabbage deserves to be wrapped up in some cool art as they head back to school.
The superb Poketo! Artist Wallets from the UK’s Urban Retro are perfect for today’s young fashionistas (or tween-at-heart moms looking to funk up those diaper bags). The limited edition thin vinyl wallets are designed by artists most moms don’t know but your comic book/animation-loving kids might, like Alex Noriega and Leah Chun.
Actually it’s been um two decades since I’ve been in middle school, but when I saw a certain little number from Sarah Utter, I was all, I’ve got to have it, especially for just under $25. And now I have a weird urge to cruise the mall and relive my lost youth –Laura
Use code COOLMUM through the end of 2007 for 15% off any order at Urban Retro.
Congrats to winner Susie M!

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