A Totally Organic Experience

We love organic kids clothes’ for any number of reasons, but sometimes I get the feeling that the companies who make them are just jumping on a trend to make a buck. Then there’s Little Green Stars.
Moms, co-founders, green bloggers, and bona fide environmental consultants Victoria Holland and Kelley O’Rourke started the organic t-shirt shop as a way to promote eco-goodness and get kids excited about rocks and bugs and earthy stuff. Some of the designs are cuter than others–my faves are Future geologist and Future entomologist which might even open up dialogue in the pre-K about what the heck either of them mean. My dad recycles more than your dad is pretty hilarious too. Only I’m not sure I want my kid picking a fight with the other tree-huggers over plastics. Can’t we all just recycle…and get along? –Liz
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