I Like This Bookshelf, Sam-I-Am

It isn’t often that the kids and I both love a piece of furniture. To them, furniture isn’t something to covet but something on which to climb, or at best, throw their stuff. 

So I knew I’d found something special when I spied the gravity-defiant bookshelves from Dust Furniture which look straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. We equally loved the unusual, curvy design and the bright, fun colors of the handmade furniture from this husband-wife team. I also liked that it would get their books off the floor.

This is definitely not the kind of furniture you want to stock an entire room with–a single piece goes a long way, especially in groovy shades like purple, lime green, and candy-apple red.

Such cleverness and craftsmanship does come at a price, but I tracked down free shipping  from Silver Fish Gallery. Keep an eye on the Dust etsy shop for floor models or samples with minor imperfections at great discounts, or even web exclusives like this cool side table. Who says fun furniture is only for kids? –Christina