Butterfly, Butterfly Fly Away Home (Which is Actually a Really Dark Rhyme When You Learn the Words)

When I discovered the mixed media art from Jessica Pisano, her butterflies reminded me of my grandmother Dorothy’s house. She collected
photos and paintings of butterflies, as well as the real thing, stuck
through with pins and mounted in the old school way. I don’t know if I
could handle actual butterflies skewered on my daughter’s wall, but
a painting is different.  Pisano’s work is soft.  Natural.  Totally
cool.  Unexpected in a child’s room in this age of Ariel and
Hannah Montana. 

Pisano takes black and white photographs and
handpaints them with oil, acrylics, pastels and watercolors then mounts them on wood frames or antique tin panels. Her work isn’t cheap, but it is actual art.

And it’s something your daughter will take with her for her whole life, the way I remember my grandmother’s butterflies. –Rita