Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow

A note to my neighbors:

I truly am sorry.

I have tried to explain to my children that dandelions are weeds. Weeds that you do not want in your yard. I’m
sure you don’t mind when they pick armfuls of bright yellow flowers as
we stroll the neighborhood, but I’m pretty sure you hate it when they
blow the puffy seeds balls into the air, insuring you of even more dandelions in your yard next spring.

(They are irresistible though, aren’t they?)

I’m also sorry that I’m not helping matters by adoring the giant dandelion wall mural by
the wonderfully named Badass Custom Decals. And,
despite being “badass”, the company will even make the decal larger or smaller
to fit my space, and I can have it in one of four colors. This vinyl peel-and-stick mural even comes with several little wispies so that I can capture the moment that a child’s breath first hits.

neighbors, I can’t promise that we’ll lay off the dandelions, but we’ll
try to do a better job of aiming our breath away from your yard and
toward the yard of the person next door. –Christina