Letterpress cards for moms that don’t scream LETTERPRESS CARDS FOR MOMS

What do you get when you mix modern sensibilities with the ancient art of letterpress printing, then sprinkle the top with a dash of whimsy? The sweet yet minimalist designs of Dee & Lala, it would seem.

My kids are unfortunately too old and cynical to endure the clean simplicity of the Woodland Collection prints on their walls (darn them!) so I will have to settle for grabbing myself one of the letterpress card sets instead which feature all kinds of spectacular illustrations.

The Watch and Learn set would make excellent new mom thank you cards since each design features a mom and baby animal pair, but personally I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with the banana-chasing monkeys in the Follow the Leader set. Also good for a mom of quardruplets. Along with some Xanax. –Mir

Congratulations to Erin B, Heather R, and Nicol W who each won a set of letterpress cards!