Personalized initial necklaces made with real thread. Not fake gold.

Embroidered intitial pendantsI have an arsenal of go-to occasion gifts and one of my favs for the ladies in my life is the classic initial necklace. Perfect for a new mama or a friend’s birthday it always leaves my girls feeling extra special. 

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the discovery of these sweet embroidered initial necklaces from Boston jewelry designer Danielle Spurge.

In her Etsy shop, the Merriweather Council (whose name has a
great backstory if you have a minute to read
about it) you can customize your own darling pendant from the background
fabric and thread colors to the style of the lettering.

It is
just a perfect and adorable little gift appropriate for all ages being
feminine, dainty and hip all at once. For $32 you
could certainly scratch a couple people off your shopping list with this
little find. I know I’ll be adding one to my personal ever growing
holiday wish list, in case anyone is interested. -Stephanie M

the embroidered universe of the Merriweather Council at Etsy for personalized initial ne