Hot trend alert – say it with Braille

Jess LC Dream Bigger Braille necklaceThe older I get and the more kids I add, the more I find myself in need of inspiring, visible reminders – to believe, love, and yes, laugh, to get me through my busy, often challenging days. But I’m hard pressed to wear a piece of jewelry that conveys those words so literally.

(Let’s face it, a necklace that reads Believe! Love! Laugh! might be a little cheesy.)

However, the new trend of braille jewelry is the perfect marriage of inspiration and subtlety for message jewelry.

I recently ordered a piece from the Franklin collection at Jess LC, a boutique that offers simple, inspiring phrases, like Dream Bigger (pictured above) or my own choice Be Present in braille on sterling silver gold vermeil charms. Since mine arrived a few days ago, I haven’t taken it off – and I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received. Pretty amazing considering I’m carrying around a cute newborn.

In fact I love it so much, we included it in our holiday gift guide this year as a smart sister gift. But really, it could be gr

eat for anyone. Including yourself.

wooden braille rings

I’ve had my eye on the beautiful handmade wooden braille rings
from Studio AMF for awhile now. The artist will handcraft names, initials, or inspirational words on the wood of your choice. Just think – if you need a little visual kick in the pants, you could have her do SUCK IT UP! and no one would ever know. Except you.

Heather Moore 14K Rose Gold Love Braille necklace

And if you’re looking for a super splurge, nothing says “I love you” like the Love tag by Heather Moore. (right). So maybe you might have to forgo groceries for a couple of weeks, but if you’re a fan of stylish fine jewelry, then this is a fantastic choice.  –Kristen

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