We like WeWe (and so does Hollywood)

wewe clothingSome kids put on a Superman cape when they want to run super fast. But my kid puts on her “Cheetah Dress,” which is actually the Jasmine Shell Puff Sleeve dress from WeWe Clothing.

And she has good taste, according to celebs like Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jessica Alba, who also love the label. (Not that I needed the affirmation.)

If you’re looking for something different
to shift your kids’ (or your own) wardrobe from summer into fall, look
no further. WeWe means “little ones” in the Yoruba language from
Nigeria. The owner and design force behind WeWe, Folake Kuye Huntoon,
holds deeply to her Yoruba culture and created WeWe to bring fun,
ethnic, boho pieces to the rest of the world. Or at least kids 6mo-5, and their fashionable parents.

Of course, we love our Cheetah Dress, but I also love the versatility of the Funmi dress, which converts to a tunic. For little boys, I love the unusual silhouette of the harem pants, which leave plenty of room for a cloth diaper. And for moms, check out the dresse

s, which are on serious sale right now and promise to give a woman curves in all the right places.

That Kimmy dress supposedly works well for maternity, or days when you want to
eat a lot and not suck your tummy in. I like it when form meets function
like that.~Delilah

Find beautiful African-inspired clothing for adults and children from WeWe