Baby washcloth 2.0

MiniMitts bamboo bath mitsAll three of my kids love to take baths.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they love to wash themselves. Enter MiniMitts by BellyLaf.

These cute bamboo/cotton blend wash mitts are the eco-friendly version of traditional bath mitts. Embellished with your choice of cute sea creatures, you’ll find your kids can scrub themselves way easier with these mitts than with a baby washcloth. If you’ve got a baby, then try Grippees which has little silicone gripping dots strategically placed at the heel of the hand  right where I need it when wrangling a slippery, squirming baby who’s determined to elude my grasp.  -Julie

Find Grippees and MiniMitts bamboo and cotton bath mitts at the BellyLaf online store