Pink baby clothes even I can adore

Smafolk pink elephant onesieWith my newest daughter’s wardrobe full of gender neutral green and yellow hand me downs, I’m always on the look out for adorable pink baby clothes, preferably clothes that aren’t covered in cupcakes and rainbows. Nothing against either of those things, but the layers of sugary cuteness can get to be a bit much.

So that’s why I’m digging the pink elephant onesie by Smafolk found at Pajama Squid. The Danish-based kids’ clothes designer combines unique retro prints and bright fabrics which results in a cool look that says “girl” without going overboard on the girlie. And for $15 (hurry, it’s on sale now!), it’s worth not having to hear “How old is your little boy?” for the ump-teenth time. -Kristen

Get the Smafolk pink elephant baby onesie on sale now at The Pajama Squid.