We Love Us Some Ben Sherman

I’ve always adored Ben Sherman, the label that became synonymous with UK mods and rockers since the late 60s. Show me a guy in Ben Sherman on match.com and I’ll show you a guy I would have clicked on in my single days.

Now? They have a kids line. Wow, is that hot.

Boys from 2-8 get to sport the easy, wearable styles at prices you don’t have to be a Carnaby Street shopper to afford. Tees start at $20 but even oxford styles are relatively reasonable like the Stedman shirt at just under $40 or the cool zip-front Ainsley sweater for just a little more. And if you’re looking for outerwear, I’m so digging the pea coat styling of the Ramsey Jacket.

Moms of boys, your world of clothes has just opened up in wonderful ways. –Liz 

Congrats to Heidi C who won the awesome Ramsey Jacket.