Who slipped that new indie rock album into my car’s CD player? Oh wait, that’s no indie rock album, that’s kids’ music. From a duo called Ellen and Matt. Who knew?

Their very enjoyable CD, Best Friends has been compared to songsters as diverse as the Pixies, the Carpenters, and early REM–which sort of puzzled me until I heard it myself. Every song has its own vibe, and yet it all truly holds together–Juice Box Rock is like something you could playing on Guitar Hero, Airplane definitely has that Michael Stipe groove going and if the energetic Bounce doesn’t end up in a Gap ad in the near future, I’ll be shocked.

Best Friends makes fantastic car music – upbeat enough to keep the attention of your back seat passengers, but without making mommy want to drive into the nearest tree. Listen to (very brief) samples on CD Baby then grab it for yourself. It will make you happy. –Liz 

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