Moving On From Macaroni Necklaces

My older daughter and I have finally reached the point where we can do crafts together that involve more than just dry pasta and pipe cleaners. There’s only two problems: 1) I’m lacking the creative-mom gene. 2) I’m not enthused about projects that turn into clutter.

So I was really happy to try out the craft kits from mom-invented Mugwaz, which, for a change, are  actually worth keeping when the project’s done. My girl and I had a blast making matching pairs of glittering flip-flops and a skinny belt strung with hippie-chic flowers. There are even party packs, to save your not-crafty butt at your daughter’s next birthday party or sleepover.

Yes, the "z" thing is a bit over the top – products are called bagz and beltz and heartz – but you’re not buying a label, you’re buying a great activity to share with your kid. Now get to work on those flip-flops and make a mommy/daughter pedicure appointment. I insist. –Julie

Congrats to winner Stephanie I!