Chocolate Goes With Everything

Lately I’ve got a thing for brown and pink on my little girls. Pink because, well…duh. And brown because it’s less severe than black and less expected than navy. So what caught my eye at new family-run treads for tots store My Little One’s Shoes? One guess.
This cotton candy pink and chocolate mary jane-sneaker hybrid has playground-suitable rubber soles for your kids’ first trips up the slide by herself, plus leather styling that keeps her from looking like every other kid from the ankles down. Also there’s some sort of fancy newfangled insole that helps you figure out when the feet are getting big for the shoe.
While of course I love this color combo there are quite a few Mary Jane styles at the shop in red, tan, or even squeaky, shiny black patent.
Hey, I’m just glad Croc season is over. –Liz
Congrats to winner Julie E. (or at least to her daughter)