Hey Girl, You should totally buy this Ryan Gosling tea towel

I make it no secret that I have a huge crush on the Canadian Ryans: Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling. But since I’m not 15 anymore, I’m pretty sure the glossy posters on my ceiling or calendars on my wall are out of the question. But a tea towel? Oh that’s more than fair game.

Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Tea Towel

You better hurry and snatch up the Hey Girl I’d Rather Be Doing Dishes tea towel before I buy it. Artist Colleen Pugh has translated the hugely popular Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” Internet meme into a must-have kitchen accessory for R-Go fan. (I just made that up! Good, right?)

Whether you’re a fan of Ryan the Charmer or Ryan the Hipster–my personal favorite–you’ll have extra motivation to dry those dishes now. 

Unfortunately, your purchase of the tea towel does not include the actual Ryan Gosling. -Kristen

You can purchase the Ryan Gosling Hey Girl tea towel from Dear Colleen on Etsy.