The perfect kids’ nail polish for prima-donnas and eco-mommas alike

Keeki Naturals kid-safe nail polishI’ve painted more nails in the last two years than in my entire previous life, most of them tiny and slightly nibbled. I used to try to weasel my way out of playing Preschool Esthetician with rants on bad chemicals, but now she’s got me.

We’ve found utterly safe nail polish in adorable colors that we both love. Like the Cotton Candy pink on all twenty of our collective toes.

If you’ve got a sensitive kid, a nail-biter, brittle nails, problem
nails, a baby on the way, or anxiety over fumes, then you might dig Keeki Naturals too.  Their natural nail polish
is available in sixteen adorable colors from Blue Slushie to
Grasshopper Pie. But the really special thing about Keeki is that their
water-based polishes are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and free of icky
stuff like formaldehyde. All that’s left is pretty color.

course, they don’t last as long as regular polishes, but my Cotton Candy
fingernails lasted three days solid without a chip and two more days
before I went hunting for the remover. You have to

put on several coats
of color and a top coat, then dry them with a hair dryer.

On the down side, because the Keeki remover is made with much safer but
less powerful chemicals, it can take some scrubbing. And they’re $9.99
each, which is more than I’m used to paying for polish. But– and it’s a
big but– it’s totally worth it when I see my diva nibbling her pretty
fingernails and know she’s not swallowing lead and toxic minerals and
goodness knows what else. ~Delilah

Find Keeki Naturals nail polish, nail polish remover, nail polish kits, and more at the Keeki Naturals website