Not-So-Basic Basics

We’ve had the awesome Netherlands kids label Buisjes En Beugels, or BB+++, on our radar for some time now, just waiting (and hoping) for it to arrive on North American shores. Or at minimum, in North American websites. Damn that exchange rate.

At last we’re happy to have spotted it online at the very cool Love You Baby. This stretchy, heavyweight cotton dress is such an awesome transition pieces for kids right now, when it’s not quite Spring and not quite winter. Simple but with fantastic details, it would look superb over jeans, or in a few months, accessorized with nothing but those cute little naked knees. It also looks great as a simple polo-style shirt.

Like all the designs from the label, it’s made with super high-quality designer fabric remnants using methods that are kind to the planet. So who knows, maybe that little voice in my head telling me to buy it is the Earth’s. –Liz

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