Because Not All Great Gifts Come From Santa

My son has a birthday that falls right after the biggest gift giving holiday of the year, making it a bit hard to figure out what to get him that feels "special." Considering how well he cleaned up at Christmas, it’s not easy giving the old guy in the red suit a run for his money.

This simply gorgeous toy block wagon from fourth generation US toymaker John Michael Linck is a strong, strong contender. Handmade of woods like black cherry, walnut, and hickory using good old-fashioned workmanship including dovetail joinery and dowels (no nails or Krazy glue), the wagon itself makes a wonderful push toy. Then add the 100 carefully sanded red oak blocks inside, and you’ve got an heirloom set that will last generations.

It’s a serious investment at just over $300. But the truth is, it would be nice to finally get some credit for possibly the best toy purchase of the year. -Kristen

[via daddytypes]