Eco Friendly Dolls That don’t Look Like Eco Friendly Dolls (If You Know What We Mean)

When it came to finding that perfect baby doll for my daughter, I quickly realized that most of the traditional ones are mass-produced in China. While I’m not averse to Chinese-made toys as a rule, my standards have definitely gone up since the recalls.

Too bad I never knew about the gorgeous, Petitcollin dolls. Made at the last remaining doll factory in France, these sweet little vanilla-scented things are created using pthalate-free vinyl, which will make you rest a bit easier when you see your child chomping on its face.

The clothes are all spectacularly handmade – just take a look at the Victoire a l’Ecole doll here, but I’m particularly impressed with the Petit Mouton (Little Lamb) doll’s one-piece which is made out of biodegradable bamboo.

There’s an extensive collection well beyond baby dolls (and well beyond white baby dolls) at one of our favorite toy shops, Kangarooboo. And the prices are way, way more reasonable than you might think at $31 and up. Whichever you love, you’re getting an heirloo

m doll with a bit less of an eco footprint. Cool. -Kristen

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[via ohdeedoh]