The Perfect Shoes for Laps Around the Coffee Table

My little 10 month-old track star can do about a 6 minute mile on hands and knees, if only she’s got the right traction. So who am I to hold her back? Time to transition from the cute crib shoes to something with a little more stick-to-the-floor action. 

The casual collection from Jinwood shoes is fitting the bill perfectly. We spotted these cute, totally handmade shoes at Simple Me Boutique and they’re even better in person. The soles are suede but the uppers are real, soft-as-buttah leather. I love that they’re more structured than your average soft-soled slip-ons, but are just as soft and pliable and comfy for freedom of movement – and freedom of moms from wrestling them onto the baby’s feet.

Don’t you worry, parents of wiggly crawlers and restless cruisers. CMP’s looking out for you. –Liz

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