Good car-ma

LIttle Chippi Wall DecalsWith our new playroom almost finished, and our poor son caught in between two girls and a whole lot of pink, we decided to decorate it on the blue side of things. But tracking down cool boy decorations that won’t completely alienate the girls in the house is a little harder than I thought.

Hence my interest was piqued when I found the Little Chippi wall decals at Raspberry Kids. Designed by Australian artist and mom Samantha Peters, this adorable Drive Time set (pictured) features 37 stickers, including trucks, cars, and all things with wheels. And since the decorative decals are movable and reusable, you or your kids can outgrow them in time without having to repaint. Or worse, cover up nail holes.

But hopefully by then my son will be into “tools” and he can do it himself. -Kristen

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