So that’s what all those blank walls in the nursery are for

Giraffe print by Michalle SessionsIf you’re a sleek-lines-and-minimal-fluff sort of a mom, you’ll want to check out Nashville artist Michalle Sessions’ gorgeously simplistic prints for your progeny’s room via her shop, LJ Ink. 

From the red-sock-wearing giraffe and monkey in the “Sock It to Me” series to the stick girl and her mommy in matching striped tights in the “Love Me” series, I want it all. Personalized print for a kid's roomEnough so that the the little girl print is now gracing the wall in my daughter’s newly remodeled bathroom.

Michalle can also do some really cool personalized pieces with an initial under a set of  old-school knicker or mary jane-wearing feet – even two or more kids in one print. Hello awesome multiples gift. –Rita