From the mouths of parents

As soon as I finished goo-goo-gaa-ing at my babes, I found myself transitioning into the “Things I Can’t Believe I’m Saying” phase, like Don’t color the cat! and Peas stay out of the nose!

Which is one reason I love these art posters that one dad has created, to help remember some of the more absurd things that have come out of his mouth in the name of parenting.
I think you’ll be able to relate.Video Producer Nathan Ripperger series of art prints known aptly as Things I’ve Said to My Children pairs his parental commands with some seriously cool artwork that would make the absurd look pretty cool in a child’s bedroom or playroom. Though Get That Toilet Seat Off Your Head. . .Now deserves a special place near the potty chair.

Get That Toilet Seat Off Your Head print
Did you put honey on your brother's head? print
Don't Lick My Arm! print
And while I am sure he has many, many other statements just waiting in the wings to be illustrated, he should take heart that at least he hasn’t entered the phase I’m about to reach with my almost-tween: the Sounding-Like-My-Mother phase. Shudder. –Christina

Nathan Ripperger’s Th

ings I’ve Said to My Children prints are sold unframed in two sizes from his Etsy store.