Design Online: Making your home more like the one you imagine and less like the one it actually is

When it comes to interior design, let’s just say that my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. I admire fabulous design, but possess neither the knack nor the bottomless pocketbook to bring it to life without some serious help.

If I were in LA, I could rely on Designers Call–brainchild of Laura Fishman, owner of LA’s fancypants Storm Interiors–which travels around town in their DesignWagen providing eco-friendly, affordable design advice for your home. But since I’m not anywhere near LA, I get to try out the new Design Online service. Basically you can access design services from anywhere in the country, by phone or email, for a very reasonable cost. Just send some photos of your design-challened space and your’e off.

There’s an entire gallery of before-and-after magic on the site, but I’ve gotta say that the bathroom revamp has mesmerized me. Excuse me while I go take some pictures of… um… my entire house. -Mir