Electric Mayhem Band touring posters. 1975 was a very good year.

zoot from electric mayhem bandWith
so many kids having rediscovered Muppet Mania with the release of the
new Muppet Movie this past year, it’s not surprising that everyone’s 
favorite Henson creations are making a big pop culture comeback. Our latest discovery–Michalel dePippo’s awesome vintage
style silkscreen prints.

These vintage Muppet posters

take on the Electric Mayhem band’s “1975
tour” in a very adult way, but one that kids will still get a kick out

They’re limited edition silkscreens in editions of just 250, so of course Dr. Teeth,  Animal and Zoot Sax are sold out (wah!) but I’m holding out hope that more will be printed–big hint. In the meanwhile, you’ll still find Floyd Bass and Janice Guitar both of whom would be very happy hanging in your kid’s room, a playroom, or even your own bedroom.

animal from electric mayhem band  floyd from electric mayhem band

janice from electric mayhem band  dr teeth from electric mayhem band

So get movin’ right along–or the last two will be gone too, especially
at just $60. Or maybe they’ll just be making an overpriced ebay
appearance in their final comeback tour. –Liz

Find these vintage Muppet posters–plus Star Wars, Disney and more, online from Dark Ink.
And learn more about graphic artist Michael dePippo on his blog.

[h/t melanie lanuza]