I Wish They All Could Be California Boys

The number one question we get in the CMP inboxes (besides Dear friend would you please helep me I am Nigerian prince I inheret $60 million dollars US) is easily Where can I find some cool boys clothes?

Fear not dear parents of boys, we have you covered. And right now, one of our new fave finds is the wonderfully named West Coast shop, Peek…Aren’t You Curious.

This oh-so-California brand has got some super cute girls clothes, but we’re particularly impressed with their SoCal inspired boys line. Or rather, lines. Because they’ve essentially created four mini labels within their label: Beachy Surf Royalty;  outdoorsy Sgt Fletcher; all-American Wiliams & Sons; and Craft Dungarees. One look at the wonderful site and you won’t be surprised that the smart women behind the company are former execs of Gap and Lucky Brand Jeans.

Have a little imagination and mix and match the styles; everything is different and yet it all works together. And better yet, there’s not a lame dumptruck onesie to be found. Yee-ha. –Liz

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