Too Much…Magic Bus

Brooklyn parents have surely overheard other moms in the supermarket or the corner diner saying, "Oh we signed up for Kevin…he’s the best." They’re talking about Kevin Meeker, who teaches one of the more popular Music for Aardvark classes in the hood.

For those of you in the rest of the country (including Staten Island), there’s always the CDs from his kids band, Opus Ditty.

Opus Ditty and the Joyride Jet Engine Bus essentially plays like a cartoon with no picture, a wacky adventure told with music. But even if the littlest ears don’t follow the joyride bus plot, Kevin’s engaging banter – Hey, do you all know your ABCs? Let’s sing along then… – keeps things moving between tracks.

The acoustic guitar-led tunes, easy chords and repetitive choruses about the basic themes (numbers, letters, silliness, animals) are perfect for toddlers, and Kevin’s friendly, twangy voice makes even older kids want to join in. Plus Johnny Cash fans of all ages will get a kick out of the final track, Folsom Preschool Preschoo

l Blues. C’mon, it’s funny!

Check out samples and order yours at CD Baby or download from iTunes. When your kids ask to hear it over and over it won’t be painful. Promise.-Liz