Somewhere on the Toddler Swimwear Continuum Between Innapropriate and Amish

It’s bathing suit season and I’m not ready. Not for me (although really, I’m not ready) but for my three year old daughter who, if this year’s crop of children’s suits are any indication, is supposed to be wearing a string bikini, a flirty tankini that says "hula honey" across the chest, or something with cherries on the nipples.

I’m not kidding. It’s gross.

Thank goodness for Cabana Life, a fantastic company dedicated to making protective SPF clothing for kids. Turns out they’re doing a dandy job with their burgeoning new swimwear line, as we recently had the good fortune to see for ourselves. The boys board shorts are cute (of course) but I particularly breathed a sigh of relief with the girls collection.

Since I’m a-okay with my girls in one-pieces until the day they graduate college, having found a two-piece I could live with is a big deal. Or in this case, a three-piece. The boyshort bottom is the right size to cover up swim diapers on little ones, and if the sports halter top isn’t modest enough

for you (which, really, it is) you can swap it out for the longsleeved rashguard.

Sadly, these suits only go up to size 6x. I was hoping for a junior 16. –Liz 

Congrats to Alexa W, winner of the red vine 3-piece set from Cabana Life!