A Princess Book for Anti-Princess Parents

Despite my husband and my efforts to foist sidewalk chalk and softball bats on my daughter, she prefers the sparkly, the frilly, and the delicate. I’ve often changed the words to fairy tales while reading them to her because they seem so dang sexist. Enter Princess Bubble, the best princess book I’ve ever read. 

This is a book in which the main character joins a dating web site for royalty to get her mother off her back; a book in which the princess finds out in the end she doesn’t need a prince to be happy.

Princess Bubble is in a lot of her princess friends’ weddings, and my favorite part of the book is when she’s told that she’ll be able to wear her bridesmaid dresses again. As I read that part, I looked at my daughter and told her if anyone ever told her she would be able to wear a bridesmaid dress again, she shouldn’t bet her tiara on it. –Rita

[via eco child’s play]