Crafty Moms, This One’s For You

Okay you mamas with the crafty gene. Now don’t be coy, you know who you are. You’re the ones who see some of the awesome handmade stuff we feature here and turn up your noses and say pfft, I could make that myself for THREE CENTS. And you might be right.

So I’m going to put aside my envy for one moment and say you’re right! You can make some cool stuff yourself. All you need is The Softies Kit from Therese Laskey.

It’s more than a book, it’s an entire kit including 15 laminated cards with instructions for softies (Brit-speak for plush) from a Japanese Cherry Cake that’s rated "easy" but looks impressive to me, to a slightly more advanced mama/baby elephant caravan that snaps together. There’s even a starter needle, some felt, and some embroidery floss so that if the inspiration hits before you’ve hit the local craft store you can get stitching.

And by you I mean you. Not me. My last sewing project was a pillow from in my 7th grade home ec class that will not be appearing in any softies kit any time soon.


Check out the winners in Therese’s second annual Softie contest, or find inspiration from more than 1000 entrants in the flick’r pool. Amazing.

Congratulations to Tatjana K, winner of The Softies Kit!