Hats Off to Plastisock Hats

After last weekend rednecking it up at my mom’s house with a toddler pool on the front lawn and my cute naked girls, I realized it was probably time to start thinking sun protection.

The sunhats from Swedish label Plastisock are totally rocking my world. If you want a break from the twill Gilligan hats and flowery bonnets, you’ll love their bold, vibrant fabrics like the red peace and green applefield prints shown here.


For $16 each I’d probably grab a couple.

But if you’re loving the vibe of the hats but not in the market for a hat, don’t miss the rest of the selection at Nonchalant Mom including outrageous hoodies, baby blankets and cute little drawstring shorts for the little swimmer in your world. Or, just let him go naked on your lawn. –Liz