What Is a Pajama Squid? No Clue, But I Think I Need One.

New Yorkers definitely think we have it made with kids boutiques, but I must say my sisters, these days I think the DC area is giving us a run for our money. The latest entrant: The Pajama Squid in Takoma Park, which just opened a very spiffy online shop for the rest of us. 

Owner Tiffany King does an amazing job curating super cute baby gifts and gear, the likes of which often grace the pages of CMP. She’s got great accessories and shoes, a bit of mom gear, and the kinds of back-to-basics toys we love including some fun new offerings from Pastel Toys (the elephant peg shown at left) and the mix and match fabric dolls from Franck & Fischer (below right).

But my favorite discovery was found among the virtual clothing racks: The sweet tulip-patterened toddler dress from mom (of triplets!) run brand Feather Baby.

Of course it turns out the designer is from NYC. Well, at least I’m consistent. –Liz 

CMP readers save 10% on all purchases through June 4, 2008 with code CoolMomPicksMAY2008 (case sensitive) 

Congratulations to Elisabeth L, winner of the Franck & Fischer mew cat soft toy!