Bugaboos: The game, not the stroller

The thing about computer games for early-elementary kids is that there is a precarious balance to be struck between learning and fun. You want it to be educational (justification, justification) but if it’s too difficult or dry it won’t hold their attention.

My kids would happily play Webkinz all day long, but have recently started turning up their noses at software games. Enter Kutoka Interactive’s Mia’s Reading Adventure: The Bugaboo Bugs. Like the other Mia Adventures, it offers high-quality animation, endearing characters, and yes, just enough educational value to keep you from feeling too guilty while your 5-9-year-old steers Mia through various activities. Even my 10-year-old was entertained when playing it on the hardest level.

Mia’s backpack is much like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag — it never failed to draw a giggle when she stuffed something huge in there. And she follows all of your directions…except when she doesn’t. Trust me, your kids will be too busy laughing to realize they’re using their

brains. –Mir