W is for Walrus, Wookiee, and Wrench. Also Wow.

W alphabet posterWe’re suckers for anything that turns the alphabet into an art form, and this poster series takes the cake. Not literally, though. C doesn’t actually include a cake, although it does have a cuckoo clock, a camel, and California.

Etsy shop eakdesign makes an utterly delicious Alphabet Poster Series complete with a
signed-by-the-artist image on 11×17 cardstock. All of the letters
are gorgeous, vibrant, and full of fascinating details that bring the letter to life.

I mean, yes, that’s a weasel in the W. And also a teeny, tiny weight lifter.

They’re colorful enough to
go with anything for either gender, and smart enough to last until your
high-schooler decides to go by her middle name and take to the stage.~Delilah

Find the Alphabet Poster Series at eakdesign on Etsy.