The Elfin Way

Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I was so happy the day I realized my baby was old enough to hold her own in a crib full of toys. Not only does it give her a way to keep herself occupied in the wee hours of the morning, but it is a handy place to store the stuffed animals.

Now we’ve got to make room for one more goodie in there: The new Elf Pillows spotted at one of our favorite shops, Chittypulga. Like everything else made by Yellow Label Kids (like the knitted cupcakes! And the cookies!) the soft little elfs are handmade under fair trade conditions by artisans paid a living wage.

At under 20 bucks, they’re a great little shower gift for your cousin, or that friend in your office who you don’t know that well. And they’ll certainly break up the monotony of all the stuffed bears. –Liz 

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Congrats to Elf Pillow winners April J and

Kamala K!