Dishes for kids that are safer than plastic – they only look like plastic

fantastic anti-plastic dishesIt’s hard trying to sort through all the plastic safety issues these days when it comes to feeding our kids. Between BPA, pthalates, melamine fears and microwave warnings, sometimes I just want to throw up my hands in frustration; does everything have to come with a warning these days?

Well, not everything. In fact, I’m so thrilled that we get to be the first to announce the launch of a brand new, totally safe set of kids dishes, all made from a really surprising material.
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The fantastic anti-plastic dishes for kids created by CMP favorite, Zoe B Organic (makers of the biodegradable beach toys
we love) are indeed fantastic. While they look, act, and feel like a
light, colorful, slightly flexible plastic, they’re not made from
petroleum at all, but from plants.

Corn, to be exact.

Corn plastic. Awesome! Which means at last, you’ve got a set of unbreakable, kid-friendly
dishes that you can pop in the dishwasher (microwave testing results are still pendin

g) or serve with hot foods
without a drop of guilt. You get a set that includes a plate, dish, and tumbler for $15.99 which will last you well until your kids are onto the ceramic stuff.

I am not exaggerating when I say I’m rejoicing over these.

The colors are bright and fun, and the shapes are just a little
off-symmetry which my girls love. So much so, that the one we were sent
to try out isn’t going to suffice; I’m ready to buy 3 more full sets
immediately. –Liz

Find the brand new fantastic anti-plastic dishes for kids exclusively at Zoe B Organic and save 15% with discount code CMP through 10/11/11. Order now, they start shipping end of the week!