This one’s for you, Amelia Earhart wannabes.

Graphic Spaces Girl Airplane Removable Wall DecalsWith my husband being a pilot, my kids are pretty obsessed with planes. And that includes my oldest daughter, who also happens to love pink. Do you know how hard it is to find anything that has to do with both aviation and pink?

Well not anymore, thanks to the Girl Airplane vinyl wall decals from Graphic Spaces, the brain child of graphic designer Christy Wernert. The decal set includes the plane, clouds, and everything you need to apply it to your wall – including a surprise gift and how-to instructions. (You’ll definitely want those since these decals are removable but not repositionable. If that’s a word.)

There’s more than airplanes in the shop, although I do love the yellow twin-seater, which would great for twins (ha – get it?) or on a playroom wall. -Kristen

Check out Graphic Spaces for a wide selection of removable wall decals.

Congratulations to Amber, lucky winner of a plane vinyl decal!