Recycled art

Truck painting by Dolan Geiman“Recycled art” sounds like something my kids create with egg cartons
and paper towel rolls, but in the case of Dolan Geiman’s Panel
Paintings, it means something much cooler. Using
recycled wood panels, non-toxic, water-based textile inks
and even recycled paint from Chicago’s paint exchange
program, he creates interesting paintings of everyday items like the
truck shown here or daisies, motorcycles and guitars.

A Southerner now based out of Chicago, Geiman isn’t someone who just jumped on the “eco” bandwagon; working out of a renovated warehouse, he has long worked with found art and
recycled materials while donating unused supplies and a percentage of his online sales to worthy groups.

I love that his pictures look ideals for my
kids’ rooms,
but won’t be too childish when they are tweens.
And, I appreciate that his panel paintings are meant to be hung
as is, without frame or mat. There’s one more way to save a tree.  -Christina

original artwork from Dolan Geiman online at the Honeybee Gallery.