Clean Freak Confessions – Ours and hopefully, yours

Clean Freak Confessions sponsored by Hoover
Most of our sponsors are kind enough to run banner ads here which help support us so we can keep doing that thang we do. But sometimes we have a sponsor like Hoover who does something really cool like develop a site as fun as Clean Freak Confessions.

Essentially, it’s a place we — along with bloggers like Dooce, Ree of Pioneer Woman, Amalah and more–can wax on about about all of our weird germ issues, stain obsessions and cleaning conundrums, – and we’d love if you’d weigh in too. (Please? We really don’t want to feel alone with some of this stuff.) You can even type in your own anonymous confession, twitter style..

First up: Liz’s post on living in pet hair hell. How do you pet owning mamas handle it? Besides going through your weight in lint rollers, of course. –Liz and Kristen

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