Bippity Boppity Ribbit

i-e9ee6b329c15cce998543e0afa520353-frogwand-thumb-200x160.jpgIf it wasn’t obvious enough from the piles of crowns and high heels in our toy box, my daughter is tiara deep into a fairy tale princess obsession. Why would I be surprised when she asked me for a wand for her birthday?

Being the supportive and loving mother that I am, here’s my pick: The (almost too nice for a newly crowned 4-year-old) wand by mom Melissa Fischer of Fischtale Designs. Hand sculpted using paper clay and covered with a glitter glaze, these wands will surely satisfy your little one’s vivid imagination without succumbing to Disney characters. Choose from a variety of adorable animals, including the Frog (pictured) or my personal fave, the Monkey.

I’m even in love with the tulle detail. Who said there’s no such thing as magic? -Kristen

Congratulations to Magnolia, winner of the Frog wand!