Habla Toddlerese

The excitement of hearing my son’s first few words was quickly dashed when no one but us could actually understand what the heck he was saying. But now that he’s sporting his Translation Tee from Temporary Language, everyone knows that his strategically spoken “oohs” and “ahs” are his way of saying “monkey.”

Dad Bill Shore creates these bright and bold tees to your specifications using one of the hundreds of graphic images from his gallery and turning it into an iron-in with your kid’s own quote. And if he doesn’t have the image, make a special request and he’ll track it down.

The biggest challenge you’ll have is picking the word, and better, trying to spell out how it sounds. Unless you’ve got a kid like my daughter who dropped the “L” from the word “clock.” Now there’s a shirt I’d love to see. -Kristen

Use code “coolmompicks10″ for 10% off your order!

Congratulations to Kristie N, winner of a custom Translation Tee!