House cleaning – now fierce.

I’d have to say that cleaning the kitchen has always been one of my least fashionable moments. I’m usually in an old t-shirt, with a scowl on my face and schvitz on my brow. But a new designer sponge (that’s right, designer sponge!) may actually make the whole cleaning experience a little more glamorous.

O-Cel-O just introduced two new no-scratch sponges designed by Project Runway
winner Christian Siriano.Yep, Christian Siriano sponges.  These designer cleaning utensils brings new
meaning to the term “sponge-worthy.”

As in, is that spill on the kitchen
floor really sponge-worthy? Or can I just use a paper towel?

Christian Siriano for O-Cel-O collection includes two Asian, Indian and
African-inspired sponges. Translation: One is a funky leopard print
(“Leopard”) and the other is adorned with women’s faces (“Muse”). I
usually wait for the perfect time to break out a new outfit, or um, new
sponge, but I think I’d use these as soon as possible. After all, one
season you’re in and the next you’re out…hope

fully along with that
mess on the counter. –Melissa

The limited edition O-Cel-O by Christian Siriano sponges can be found at Target.