Three cheers for custom pennants!

Custom personalized felt pennant from Kristine KayeI used to love the show Happy Days–remember Arnold’s and all the sports pennants hanging all over the walls? (You do remember Happy Days, right? I can’t be that old.) I guess that’s why I loved these personalized felt pennants from Kristine Kaye which made me feel so nostalgic.

How cool would it be to have a pennant made with your kid’s name in his favorite colors and maybe throw in a number (like his age) to boot? Every one of the letters is hand cut which makes them more special than something machine printed. Or, you can just opt for a smaller initial pennant.

If you really want to go crazy, get a single initial pennant for each letter of your child’s name to hang them together on a wall. Just be careful, since I’d imagine kids with long names like Alexandria could have rooms that end up looking like a grand opening at a car dealership. -Betsy

These super spirited felt pennants are available at Mahar Drygoods – and save 15% on your entire order through 8/31/09 when you enter code COOLMOMMAHAR at checkout


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