‘Ere-be-dragons on your wall

'Ere be awesome wallpaper!Wallpaper is cool again, and it’s not all girly flowers and damask. If you’ve got a knight in shining armor (and Converse chucks), you won’t want to miss this quirky but elegant wallpaper made just for junior jousters.

The ‘Ere-Be-Dragons wallpaper from Paper Boy is a beautiful merger of imagination and style. The founder, a mother of two boys, wanted to create classic and iconic yet edgy designs just for boys, but with lasting appeal for the whole family. And this wallpaper totally fits the bill, because these dragons perfectly fly the edge between whimsical and scary. Whether the boy is stealing a dragon egg, fighting a knight, or feeding a baby dragon, he’s pretty much doing all the things your son would want to do if dragons were real. 

This is all made-to-order in England on sustainable forest paper, so expect to pay for it. But as an extra bonus, wallpaper is great at protecting your walls from swords, maces, and dragon spit. Just sayin’.~Delilah

Find ‘Ere-Be-Dragons wallpaper and fabric at Pap
er Boy or order through their US stockist, Wallpaper Collective.

Other Paper Boy wallpapers include skeletons, dinosaurs, airplanes, shadow puppets, and animatronic boxing kangaroos. Seriously, I can’t make that last one up.