Minted makes the holiday cards that make us swoon

Naughty is the New Nice - holiday photo cards from MintedWe fell in love with Minted back when we first got wind of their holiday cards, all created by indie designers, many of whom happen to be talented stay-at-home moms. The customization process is a snap and the quality has never failed to make us say, “oohh…”

So when they asked if we’d pick a few of our favorites and share them with you this year, we were like, where do we start? Here, a brief holiday mini guide to help you find the card you had in mind anyway.

For families with a sense of humor
How can you not love Naughty is the
New Nice? It just demands that photo of your kid with the upturned
bowl of spaghetti over his head, or his sister in a headlock.
J Bartyn Design, NYC)

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For Traditional Christmas revelers
I love the Merry Typography Card which feels like a modern classic to me. Like most of their cards you can order it flat, folded, or have it printed on recycled or pearlescent paper should you literally want your holiday cards t
o shine. 
(Designer: Unless Someone Like You, Oak Park, IL)

Holiday card booklet from Minted
For families with a lot to say
Instead of a long braggy holiday letter, create a not-too-long, only semi-braggy minibooks which gives you room to say more than “happy holidays.” This peace/love/joy design is especially elegant, whatever you celebrate.
(Designer: Lina Goldberg, Memphis)

For blended families
The Happy Everything card design is so great in its simplicity. If your photo doesn’t work with the white type, you can change it to another color.
(Designer: Annie Burke, San Francisco)

For you Hipstamatic and Instagram fans
If your favorite family photo has a great vintage filter over it, this Vintage Typography Message Card will suit it perfectly.
(Designer: Andrew Montano, Los Angeles)

Hanukkah photo card from Minted
For Hanukkah, hold the kitsch
The graphic menorah design on this Hanukkah Wishes card is so modern and cool, I think it’s just perfect. And not a sparkle in sight!
(Designer: Chica Design, Atlanta)

For Procrastinators
I’m a BIG fan of sending out New Year’s cards. First of all, it’s something everyone celebrates. But more importantly, it gives you a longer deadline. There are a ton of great New Year’s Cards at Minted this year, but I love this retro-modern Banner and Burst card which forces you to dog out your most festive, silly, celebratory family photo. 
(Designer: Jody Wody, San Francisco)

For Baby’s First holiday
When you have a brand new baby, there’s nothing more to say that a perfect black and white photo already does. This Peace Love and Hope card does it with simple elegance. Love. 
(Designer: The Social Type, San Francisco + Los Angeles)

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